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Press Release: Annabelle New Canadian Variety

W.P. Griffin Inc.
May 1, 2009

New potato variety introduced to the Canadian retail marketplace
“Annabelle” is a high demand favourite among European chefs.

A W.P. Griffin Inc. ‘ Exclusive’ Product Specialty

W.P. Griffin Inc. is excited to bring the much anticipated 'Annabelle' potato variety to retailers and consumers in Atlantic Canada and fully expect to be able to offer the 'Annabelle' variety to expanded Canadian markets in the fall of 2009, including availability to food service and restaurant clients.

For the retailer, the “Annabelle” offers the benefit of extended shelf life as it has proven to be highly resistant to greening. Attractive in its appearance, the variety is comparable to a fingerling but is smoother and more consistent in shape and size. Tubers are a long–oval type with clear bright yellow skin and flesh, eyes are superficial or not apparent. A highly flavorful potato, with an almost buttery taste, home cooks will be attracted to its versatility as it is equally suitable for use to bake, boil, steam, or roast.

For chefs, “Annabelle” offers an exciting and appealing choice, uniform in shape, thin skinned and easy to peel they have a drier, firmer texture that lends itself to creative cooking and presentation methods. They have already proven themselves as a favorite among European chefs.

Two years ago, a major retailer expressed a strong interest in bringing a new yellow fleshed variety to consumers that offered characteristics that would ensure longer ‘fresh’ shelf life in the retail store and be especially appealing to the ‘home chef’. W.P. Griffin Inc. responded and initiated the development and adoption of the “Annabelle” as part of its line up of specialty products.
W.P. Griffin Inc. The Prince Edward Island Potato Specialists.

Contact: Garth Smallman
Booth: #528

Email: garth@wpgriffin.com

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