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Thunder Meat and Potatoes - Grand Prize Winner 2010  
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January 2010

Thunder Meat and Potatoes - <font color=D61602>Grand Prize Winner 2010</font>

as you pleaseGravy Sauce as you please
1 cupHamburg (cooked and crumbled)250ml
1 cupPeas (cooked)250ml
3 slicesBacon ( fried and crumbled)3 slices
3potatoes boiled 3
2Garlic cloves (chopped)2
1/4 cupMilk15ml
1 cupHam cooked and diced)250ml
1 cupCheese (grated)250ml
to tasteHot Peppersto taste

Very Simple and Delicious.
Boil your Potatoes until cooked. Drain and add milk and mash together. Add all the ingredients listed below and put shredded cheese on top. Bake in oven (375) until the cheese melts or turns brown. Serve with gravy sauce on top or on the side.
This is a phenomenal work of art that my friends and I do once in a while.

This potato recipe is brought to you courtesy of Francois Hachey, N-B.

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What Others Say

wow i was not expecting it to be that good.
cheers to the creator
     - Sylvain

Mium mium c'etais bon. Ouff remplisant.
     - Roland Brideau

This is a delicious sin.
i would even recommend to a vegetarian.
you don't know what your missing.
     - Stephane

     - Dianne

     - Dianne

Très bonne recette et facile a faire...
     - Johanne

Very good & easy! Thank you very much!:)
     - Lucille Milton

Good cook my friend
I tried it twice and me and my GF love it.
     - Pierre D

Thanks for this amazing meal
     - Simon

omg, I want more, I NEED MORE!!!!
     - Melissa

Thanks a lot for this ultimate receipe.
Was quite delicious.

     - Potato Boy

Very good !!!
     - Melanie

yum yum délicieuse recette
     - Claudette

it"s very good recipe
     - dorice

its like a party in your mouth and everybody is invited
really good
     - potatos

the best
     - jean videchier

Well this is awesome. I wanted to cook something different tonight, but the fact that I am not really good with instructions makes this recipe the best THING EVER to be put in my cook book next to my mom's spaghetti sauce.
     - melissa

the best
     - Don Hachey

Try This at Home.

     - francois Hachey

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